p 32-33

YDAU [2009] May 9
place ETA [Boston]
narrated in third person


Hal is preparing to leave his dormitory room for his morning tennis practice, and his older brother Mario is still asleep. It is implied that there is something wrong with Mario, he can't play tennis, he needs all the sleep he can get and his enormous head requires 4 pillows to support it. As Hal packs his gear for the day, the phone rings. Hal answers 'Mmmyellow' as his father [who is now possibly dead] had. He has a brief conversation with his brother Orin, who tells him that his head is 'filled with things to say,' Hal answers that he can wait for ever, and Orin retorts 'that's what you think' and hangs up. Mario wakes and asks who it was, Hal answers 'no one you know.'


This scene seems to simply establish the character of Mario, and show the brotherly dynamics between Hal and each of the others. Perhaps there is something meaning to the enigmatic conversation, which will be revealed by way of proximity to the exact date.

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