p 127-135

this section in 2 parts

p 127-128
year unknown
place ETA
narrated in first person [an ETA student, not Hal]


There's an 'oiled guru' who sits in 'yogic full lotus in Spandex and tank top' in the weight room at ETA. No one one knows where he comes from or why he's allowed to stay. He licks the sweat of the arms and foreheads of kids after their workout, but it's not, we're assured, a 'faggy or sexual thing.' Some of the younger kids won't go near him, and so he contentedly watches as they're lifted off the ground try to pull an weight greater than their own body on the shoulder-pull weight machine. His name is supposedly Kyle, he's around 40,and supposedly he goes way back with Dr. Incandenza.

p 128-135
year unknown, Dec. 24
place Boston
narrated in first person ['yrstruly']


This part is narrated in a heavy inner city dialect, by someone who identifies himself only as 'yrstruly.' The narrator is a drug addict who, along with 'C' and 'Poor Tony' [a transvestite] are trying to score drugs on Christmas Eve. They assault and rob several people [including someone with no legs], and make several minor scores. They attempt unsuccessfully to locate Roy Tony, they consider raping a nurse on the train, but it's mostly all leading to the big score they're going to make at Dr. Wo's in chinatown. As payback to Poor Tony, Wo sells them heroin laced with Drano, and C [who is first to shoot up] goes into convulsions and dies. Poor Tony and yrstrly hide C's body in a dumpster. Yrstrly ponders whether he should 'elemonade Poor Tony's map for keeps' as retribution for letting C die,even though he knew the heroin was probably bad.
Other characters mentioned are Kely Vinoy [hooker], Eckwus [junky], Stokely Darkstar [junky with AIDS], Lolasister & Susan T. Cheese [junkies], Delphina [dealer]


The yrstrly section is pretty chaotic and free associative, and I 'elemonaded' a lot of the little details, mostly about looking for dope. Clearly this section relates to the one on p 37-38, by way of the dialect [childlike in the first, adult in the second], and the one common character, Roy Tony. Also notable is the parody of Marathe & Steeply [transvestite & amputee] embedded here. Also, one can't help but wonder how these junkies and dealers might be related to the more suburban addicts we've already come across.

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